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DICOM is the registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its standards publications relating to digital communications of medical information.


Dear Visitors and Customers,
we would like to inform you that our company will be closed temporarily.
Requests, orders, and other business activities cannot be processed currently. Our web services remain offline.
We will resume operations on August 14th.
Thank you for your understanding and best regards.
Your MHGS DICOM Solutions Team
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12 Good Reasons to Purchase PowerDicom

Are you staggering, whether PowerDicom™ is the right product for you? Please read the following arguments.

  1. PowerDicom provides you an almost complete solution for the work with DICOM files - everything from one single source. Using PowerDicom and its associated tools will save you time and money.
  2. No other DICOM application covers such a broad range of features providing this high functionality, versatility, and flexibility.
  3. You profit from our free-update policy. Registered users of named PowerDicom licenses are welcome to download new PowerDicom versions from our protected download area free of charge for at least two or three years. After this time, we'd be happy to offer you an update with special, very favorite conditions. Users of "Company" and portable USB editions can receive updates for a non-profit handling fee.
  4. PowerDicom is feature-rich, but easy-to-use. Its power and flexibility do not come at the expense of ease-of-use, but are the implication of a well thought-out design.
  5. PowerDicom is kept up-to-date. We try to incorporate any relevant changes in DICOM or the Windows technology very quickly into PowerDicom. We are continuously maintaining and advancing PowerDicom.
  6. PowerDicom contains knowledge and experiences of many years of development. Over the years, PowerDicom has been grown to one of the most comprehensive and highest quality DICOM applications.
  7. We strive to create the highest quality products. However, if you encounter problems of any kind, our technical support service provides accurate answers fast and will find a solution.
  8. PowerDicom is solid and reliable. Built on a foundation of technology, first created more than a decade ago, this high-quality software has been used and tested by thousands of users all over the world. Thus it has become stable and mature.
  9. PowerDicom is continuously tested on common Win32 and Win64 platforms. However, if problems should occur, our support strives to help you competently and fast.
  10. The break-in period into the operating with PowerDicom is simplified by a very extensive online help and many examples and tutorials. To improve support for PowerDicom the PowerDicom User Zone was introduced.
  11. If you miss any functionality, contact us. We are always open for new ideas and are able to implement new features in future versions or create individual, customized solutions for you.
  12. PowerDicom represents continuity. Not only experiences for years but also extensive plans for future versions makes this application almost invaluable.

PowerDicom makes DICOM easy.

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